Wednesday, September 30, 2015

RASPI Garage Door opener

This is a mashup of two projects, let me give the project creators credit.

RASPI gtalk Robot

Connecting a garage door remote to the Pi

What I did is use the hardware interface & the code to turn the pin high for one sec & the gtalk robot modified to work on a client.

This can be modified to work with any jabber client. It did not work for me with gtalk. :(

My other code tweak was to change from a single user to a list of users that are able to control the Pi & garage door opener.

Add the Pi User, Pass & list of admin accounts

Set the chat server address

Here is the modified code on github.

And here is the video on how it was done

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Docker for Lucee & ColdFusion on the Mac

I'm a mac user and usually run Linux in a VM or on headless devices.

I have been Docker curious, but Docker requires Linux, you can do it in a VM, but running in Kitematic is sweet!

It makes everything really easy, so let get to the video & explore how to use Docker.