Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How to Build a 5 TB CrashPlan Server on Banana Pi Pro

How to build a 5 TB CrashPlan Server on Banana Pi Pro.
The image file for the project on Google Drive & the Amazon wish list for the components.
There is a ReadMe.txt on the Google Drive containing the instructions.

Click here for the Amazon wish list

Click here to download the image & instructions

I need to give credit to the following sites:
MatthiasEgli/ --How to install CrashPlan
MelGrubb.ToBlog() --How to get the CrashPlan GUI working

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

RASPI Garage Door opener

This is a mashup of two projects, let me give the project creators credit.

RASPI gtalk Robot

Connecting a garage door remote to the Pi

What I did is use the hardware interface & the code to turn the pin high for one sec & the gtalk robot modified to work on a client.

This can be modified to work with any jabber client. It did not work for me with gtalk. :(

My other code tweak was to change from a single user to a list of users that are able to control the Pi & garage door opener.

Add the Pi User, Pass & list of admin accounts

Set the chat server address

Here is the modified code on github.

And here is the video on how it was done