Sunday, June 28, 2009

Long XC Ferry Permit & Condition Inspection

This is the proposed route of flight for my flight.

1092 Mile trip, 55gals, 5:48 min Cost: 55*$3.75=206.25

I think that is cheaper and faster than the SouthWest flight with the lay over, not counting the drive & wait time. Their travel time is 5 hours. :(

Stopping at Deck for some cheap fuel and breakfast with Dad. Turning the corner at Pittsburgh to avoid the mountains, then I need to fight to stay awake! How did Dick Rutan & Steve Fosset do it? I go 4 hours solo and get tired!

Tennative safety stop at Bowling Green before landing at EZ Jet Inc (M04) for the annual condition inspection.
Navigation Log

Friday, June 12, 2009

Grove Brakes

Hi Guys, here are some photos of the Grove brakes. Way too easy not to do.

My Wheel pants required modifications, which are not yet complete.