Monday, December 30, 2013

I hope Adobe fixes DirectoryList in CF 11

CFDirectory and directoryList do not work the same! :(

directoryList does not handle the date time string sort properly

If you do a Query of Queries you can get the right result

As you can see CFDirectory works fine!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013! :)

Everyone have a healthy happy Christmas & a safe & Prosperous New Year!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I flew to work today :)

Last week I drove to Albany and back in the same day and worked eight hours. It took 4 hours to get there and three to get back!

Today I flew to Albany, I took two hours to get there and one hour to get back! :)

I flew in a Cessna 152, With the headwinds, it was only able to get 63 KTS over the ground on the way up. On the return trip it was doing 135 KTS over the ground.

It was a bumpy climb out of Islip, NY, it calmed down once above 3K FT

The early generation Garmin 300XL is not intuitive and I left my Garmin portable home. :(

I needed some information and wanted a better user interface! I pulled out my phone and started the Avilution App!

The app is great! It has all the navigation & communication frequencies, approach plates and nav information!

The return flight was fantastic! For a while I was VFR over the top of an overcast that was illuminated by the moon! Just really amazing!

I took a picture, but it was only black! :(

Here is the graphic of the return trip!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Updating The 2009 LifeHacker QuadCore Hackintosh to Mavericks

In October 2009 the birthday present to myself was the LifeHacker QuadCore Hackintosh

I spent a bunch of time updating it to Mountain Lion, it is fairly successful now. I still need to straighten out the sleep function. The OS works, but it was not an easy install, for me that is.

My first hackintosh was the MSI Wind netbook, it was an easy install, bittorrent down a DVD ISO and install. There was one aftermarket driver for the wifi card and it was good! :)

The above lifehacker link has the hardware list. The unit now has 8 GB of RAM and two removable drive bays. I like to be able to pull the boot drive and swap it for any OS I need. The second bay is great for backup! Click the image for the link to see the product.

This week Mavericks came out, I update my one year old MacBook Pro, it seems OK so far, but it broke my ColdFusion install.

I was browsing around, looking to fix the Mountain Lion hackintosh sleep issue and saw that TonyMaxX86 had an article about building a Mavericks hackintosh.

It promised to be nooby easy, and was! :)

You need an 8 GB or better USB drive, a Mavericks Mac and MultiBeast & UniBeast.

The only thing that was not exactly as what the article said was that the original Mavericks install file still needs to be in the Applications directory. I backed it up before I upgraded the MacBookPro.

After that, the install was straight forward. Except to get it to boot right, I had to add some boot flags:
GraphicsEnabler=Yes, PCIRootUID=1

These boot flags are included in the MultiBeast Config file found here.

When following the instructions, at step 7 choose upload, and upload the config file, then skip to step 11.

I'll post updates if any events occur during the test drive.

Please donate to whose goal is to make computers accessible to all!

Enjoy Mavericks!

UPDATE #1 Want the stock on board audio to work properly also?

Download this package from Niresh!

UPDATE #2 Want iMovie? Torrent down a copy, and the app store will see it and offer you a new fresh copy

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Horrible service from Sears Repair Service

Saturday October 12th we had an appointment with Sears Service for between 1:00pm - 5:00 PM

Every single time I spoke to them on the phone, they could not find my record. I had a service order number and they could not look up the record based on that. They barely spoke English.

I called and asked for an update, they said they would page the service person and he would call me. It did not happen.

I asked them to put my cell phone number on the account. It did not happen.

On two separate calls I asked to speak to a manager, I was put on hold and then hung up on.

One time I had to repeatedly asked to be connected to a supervisor and I was just ignored and talked over.

They came 45 minutes after the window closed. They took one look at the vertical stack washer dryer combo & left saying they needed a second man to move it.

I got home five minutes later, called the service to have the repairman to return. I moved the unit myself.

I was told they will page the repair man and call me back letting me know the result. There was no return call.

Today, Wednesday October 16th, the repair man called, my wife explained that they needed two people, he had no knowledge of the situation.

When the two repair men came, they did not have the hose. They were going to duct tape the broken hose and put the unit back.

I went online to entered an online chat at noon, asked to get a call from a supervisor.

I did get a call, he was not a client advocate, he promised to call be at 2:00 pm with status. There was no call.

I tweeted @SEARS & @Searscares

I sent them a PM with my contact information and I am now waiting.

I spoke to a really nice rep, that understands customer TLC.

Unfortunately it took my wife calling 3 times and me posting again on Twitter to get a response from her.

She was able to arrange for the service techs to be there first thing Saturday morning to take care of the issue.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Is there a Light Weight ColdFusion Editor?

Hi Folks, I am asking for your help to find a light weight ColdFusion Editor for Linux.

I know that I can use Eclipse, but I was looking for a light weight file editor, not a full blown IDE.

Please send me your suggestions in the comments. THANKS!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Wiki is out! The Wiki is out!

Some day, I will be able to log in and edit it myself...

But until then, I'll gripe...

Can we get a link between the tag and corresponding function in the documentation?

Friday, August 9, 2013

ColdFusion QOQ recasting text as date/time

This is the problem that I am currently working on. Any help is appreciated!

The reason for the QOQ is to rename the columns to have proper name value pairs in the view.

I could get the value from the first query successfully by Q_ExcelObject.IID

Cast in the QOQ did not do the trick as mentioned here

But apparently when doing a QOQ the value is cast to a date time even before the value is set with cast in the new query. :(

I found a rename function by Steven Neiland here

Nice work Steve! THANKS! :)



Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kudos to SouthWest Airlines!

SouthWest was excellent to me!

I was in Florida for the Independence day weekend with my Wife & Daughter, due to return on Sunday.

I was at my Dad's bedside Sun - Tues, he was in good condition & going to Physical Therapy.

Friday, while I was in Florida, he had three seizures. At one point it looked like he had a stroke.

Southwest changed my flight, from Sunday evening, to Saturday morning for no charge when I explained it was a medical emergency.

I want to thank SouthWest for being excellent to their customers! I wanted to let everyone know about their excellent service!

I want to thank all my friends for their prayers & well wishes through this difficult time.

My Dad is making an excellent recovery! Hershey Medical Center is taking great care of him!

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Saga of CF SAML a mini series

This is from the LinkedIn group "ColdFusion - 5000+ Members!"

The question of a SAML solution was posted.

I have worked on some CF SAML implementations post development, had a project that required it then terminated before the SAML was coded.

I was going to wrap with ColdFusion.

Ilia Ametov commented that you could use

Anthony Israel-Davis posted a link to this code in GitHub

Jim Harris has hope for all of us! I am hoping for a good CF solution!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Extending WiFi Part Two

Here is what my USB used to look like.

We had heavy rain on Friday from a tropical storm

I was afraid the water was inside the bag, along with the ear wig

I lucked out, the moisture was only on the outside of the bag.

Here is the antenna & 32 foot USB cable end

I am going to put it into this Gladware conatainer

So lets put a flap door in the side of the container

Lets mark the width

Lets mark the depth

Now cut on 3 sides of the box drawn

Put it all together

* Tape the inside and outside of the cuts, electrical tape for the real professionals out there, you could also use silicone cauking.

Place it in the tree with bunji

Check the signal

Check the speed

UPDATE! This has been successfully working for five months now!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Extending WiFi Part One

Having a WiFi Router in one building & needing WiFi in another building, what solutions are available?

This and other devices with built in antennas were working, but slow. :(

I tried adding the Yagi to the USB WiFi adapter with no success. :(

Do I need a new WiFi adapter to work with the Yagi?

What about a DD-WRT repeater?

Will a 32 foot USB extension cable work?

Well yes, the 32 foot USB cable and the WiFi adapter, wrapped in a ZipLoc bag stuck on a tree is a winner!

I have not tried the DD-WRT with the Yagi, because of different sized connectors. :(

The DD-WRT boosts the signal, but it does nto have the speed of the adapter on a 32 foot cable close to the house.

I had a small hurdle getting the DD-WRT working as a repeater. I'll add that information after I get the screen shots done.

If you are setting up your DD-WRT as an access point or a repeater, you need to put the password in the correct spot, please se the image for that information.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Please add your CFUG to the Adobe map!

Where is your CFUG?

I have been to NYCFUG , SFCFUG & the Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group & none are on the map!

See map here

Linux Basement 80

Please watch me in Linux Basement

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Back up MS SQL via ColdFusion

Have you ever needed to back up a client's remotely hosted MS SQL Database?

Ray Camden has a script for MySQL here is mine for MS SQL

Monday, May 6, 2013

Select only records with valid e-mail addresses from a table

Ok, doing some hired gun work. The client wants the record set returned from a query to have only valid e-mails.

The gist includes fully working CFML that demonstrates this example.

The core of this is the isValid function. In this case it is used to validate an e-mail address

isValid('email', email) email, the second one, is a filed in the table.

The code also adds a column to the record set with QueryAddColumn and then does a query of queries to get only valid e-mail addresses

Some good comments, if you use underscore or mySQL...
Thanks Russ & Timothy Leach

SELECT `email`
FROM `users`
WHERE `email`
REGEXP '[A-Z0-9._%+-]+@[A-Z0-9.-]+\.[A-Z]{2,4}'
GROUP BY `email`

SQL Server would have to be something like:
WHERE email like '[a-z,0-9,_,-]%@[a-z,0-9,_,-]%.[a-z][a-z]%'

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

NYC Unix Gig

Req.#: 14955
Job Title: SME,Infrastructure QA/Controls Job Type: Consulting
Duration: 4 months Business: Education/University
Location: New York, NY

Project Description:
Our direct client has an opening for the SME of Infrastructure Quality Assurance/Controls position reporting into the AVP of Internal IT Controls. The position will be responsible for day to day monitoring to ensure that the company's central IT infrastructure operation complies with its policies, procedures, and standards defined for various technology platforms. 

More specifically, the responsibilities are as follows:
Ensure ongoing monitoring for adherence to Standard Operating Environment procedures for Operating Systems, Middleware, Web Infrastructure and Databases.
Review and provide input into the design of Standard Operating Environment procedures.
Function as a source of knowledge on IT infrastructure and IT infrastructure quality assurance standards; build relationships with internal teams and external providers.
Foster progressive improvement IT infrastructure Standard Operating Environments in conjunction with quality assurance best practices.
Facilitate improvement of the IT infrastructure Change Management and Configuration methodology.
Regularly perform reviews of Change and Configuration Management processes for IT infrastructure components to validate compliance. Document non-compliance and escalate as appropriate.
Periodically perform reviews of provisioning and deprovisioning of privileged user ids.
Keep current with security trends in the IT infrastructure area (through the Security Team and other methods) and identify steps needed in order to stay current.
Ensure that core infrastructure components have fundamental documentation (architecture diagrams, configuration specifics, design documents etc.).
Ensure that key roles are documented for each infrastructure service area and that the segregation of roles is in place.
Review efforts to remediate access to sensitive data within the IT infrastructure.
Ensure that each IT Infrastructure area is in compliance with established standards.
Assist the infrastructure team with audit preparation and support, conduct pre-audits.
Ensure that estimation/resource utilization methodology is in place for all infrastructure components and that it is consistent across different infrastructure areas within company.
Work with appropriate counterparts to assist with planning for and implementation of agreed ITIL processes.

Minimum qualifications:

5+ years of IT infrastructure management experience. 
10+ years of hands on IT infrastructure experience 
Excellent communication and relationship management skills. 
Expert ability to analyze and interpret technical data. 
Experience with complex systems integration. 
Experience working with a culturally diverse team. 

Preferred qualifications:

In depth knowledge of Operating Systems (e.g. Linux, Solaris), Middleware (e.g. Tomcat, Apache, Web Logic), Databases (e.g. Oracle, Sybase) 
Demonstrated IT architecture experience
Demonstrated IT Infrastructure quality assurance experience
ITIL experience.

Required Skills:
5 years of IT Infrastructure management experience,
10+ years of hands on IT infrastructure experience,
Excellent communication & relationship mgmt skills,
Expert ability to analyze and interpret tech. data,
Experience with complex systems integration,
Experience working with a culturally diverse team.

Optional Skills:
Demonstrated IT Architecture experience,
Demonstrated IT Infrastructure Quality Assurance,
ITIL experience,
Knowledge of Operating Systems- Linux, Solaris,
Knowledge of Middleware- Tomcat, Apache, Web Logic,
Knowledge of Databases- Oracle, Sybase
Please remember that you can earn up to a $1500.00 referral fee for every I.T. professional you refer and that we place with one of our clients. Be sure to check our web site for a complete list of our current consulting and permanent opportunities.

888 425 2404 ext 4313

Tony Dalmau
Office: 908-709-9800 x4313

Exceptional People, Innovative Solutions

Monday, April 1, 2013

Scott Stroz Vows to make a Better Stack Overflow

Odd behavior with structFindValue() with JSON

The JSON value of true displays as YES

Line 13 & 14 should work correctly right?;
 variables.miner.livedog = structFindValue(,, "all");

Line 12 works correctly and finds the value in the struct:

variables.miner.liveWorker = structFindValue(data.workers, true, "all");

Adam Cameron says as I paraphrase, "Clear as mud!"

Here is his code:

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spammed by LinkedIn? We fix that NOW!

I am currently between contracts, so I worked on my LinkedIn Profile

It imported all my gmail contacts, good right? NFW!!!

No I am getting mad spam!

This is ruining my signal to noise ratio on my e-mail!

The answer I was hoping to opt out at the bottom of the e-mail. NO! :(

Opt out from their settings? Maybe not either!

I tried this: Here's How To Get Rid Of All Those Annoying Emails LinkedIn Sends You

I want some e-mails, but not to opt out of all of them, so lets DIY!

In the top right of your gmail page... settings

Select Filters

Create New

Add this search criteria: from:( See what has been up to

Select actions like move to trash

Click continue and you are done!