Sunday, November 25, 2012

Purchase Rooting & Tether of Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3

The reluctant Black Friday Shopper

It was Black Friday in Palm Beach, we slept late, it was almost 11:00 am before we left the house. We ended up at Costco.

The full and accurate description of the shopping event is a lot more laborious than I want to detail. The short of it is after leaving the store & wireless kiosk several times on Friday & returning on Saturday with a rain check, my wife, daughter and I all have Samsung Galaxy S3 phones! :)

The first phone was a gift for Christmas/Chanukah for my daughter. My wife, the non-techy-technophile wanted one & Friday after Costco closed, I had miss-the-deal remorse & wanted one too.

So, SkylarRose's phone was easy, add an smart phone to the plan, she shares our minutes, but not our unlimited data plan & of coarse she needs 1k sms/month. She is stuck with 2GB/month data.

So, try explaining what data is over the air vs SMS & voice to a ten year old! It all seems so simple to me, since I am older than dirt in Internet experience.

We returned later to get Teri a phone, since we are grandfathered into unlimited data, a phone deal would break that contract. We would have to pay ~$700/phone. :( The savvy kiosk manager added two dumb phone lines to our account for an extra $10/month for the next two years & everyone in the family got a $29.99 Galaxy S3

Daughter needs Data!

Being a hacker geek & it not being daylight yet... YES YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

All I have to say is I hate/love the Internet. Opinions are like bathrooms, everyone has one. (Well you know the real saying)

I started searching & you-tubing for how to root the Galaxy S3, nothing FN worked!!! I can change a cylinder on a Lycoming O-320 quicker that I rooted the first phone!

So, if you have a MAC, and want to root with no BFD, here is what you need!

The rooting video did not get the instructions exact for the contents of the file. The short is:

  • Turn on USB Debugging
  • Allow apps from unknown sources
  • From a command line & within the same directory type:


To properly finish rooting a phone, you need to install ClockworkMod, get the pro version! It makes life simple!

Also, add Titanium Backup.

I am sure there is more good stuff you can do as a root user!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kickstarter from TLLTS Interview

Please contribute!

CF Job in RI

Net2Source is a leading Global Consulting and IT services company, offering a wider range of solutions customized to various verticals and horizontals. We provide system integration and strategic consulting right through IT implementation to customers. We have excellent domain expertise in verticals. As a diverse end to end IT solutions provider, Net2source offers a range of expertise aimed at assisting customers to compete successfully in the ever changing IT industry. We provide long term solutions with quality as our main focus.  You can visit to our website for any further information.
 Title:                                    Senior Cold Fusion Professionals
Location:                             Rhode Islands, US
Position Type:                    6+ months
Skills Required:
·         Senior Cold Fusion Professionals
·         Web app design & development experience
·         Technically strong
·         Good analytical skills
·         Excellent communicator
·         Problem solving expertise
·         Team player and experience working with offshore teams
Prerna Gupta
Technical Recruiter
Net2Source Inc.
One Evertrust Plaza, Suite # 1103
Jersey City, NJ - 07302, USA
MBE Certified - NMSDC
SBE Certified (State of NJ)
Phone: 201-340-8700 Ext. 434
Yahoo IM: | Gtalk: