Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weekend trip to Palm Beach & Back

I got up Saturday morning and the weather between me and Rough River was bad, but the weather between me and Palm Beach was fine. :)


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting to Rough River

I planned on going to Rough River this weekend.

So far the weather is iffy at best.

Here is a 24 Hour Flight Rules Forecast from Duats:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Returning to Exile! :)

I was made an offer I can not refuse to stay in Monroe until the end of April.

I had to get my plane back so that I can go to Rough River

Here is the two days of ground tracks to get back to Monroe.

The flight from Monroe, North Carolina to Monroe, Louisiana was filed IFR and 50 minutes longer than planned. Almost 5 hours in the air at 10K & 12K feet.

Hit some nasty up and down drafts in IMC that will make anyone humble!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Driving home to NY (Returning from Exile)

I am wrapping up my final hours at the best job I have had!

It is 21 hours of driving back to Islip. I hope that I can make it to Harrisburg Saturday night to see my father.

I have to finish some packing and loading the car. I plan on driving out at dawn on Saturday. Tomorrow morning I'll be letting the air out of my mattress and strapping the bird & travel cage in the right seat. He did well on the drive down, hopefully he will be good on the ride back.

The Garmin 396 has an auto mode along with the air mode. I'll be giving it a try.

There is news that there may be flooding in TN, hopefully I will miss that.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flight from FL to NY

I was flying from F45 to KHWV. I did most of the trip at 11.5k ft VFR over the top.

The forecast was 1800 ft 6 mile visibility in Islip. It was 400 ft overcast and 1.5 mile visibility. I spent the night in Delaware.

I filed IFR for the Deleware to NY leg of the flight. As usual, I filed an overland route, was cleared for a twin engine over water route, got another change en-route, and then got continuous changes en-route. Why do flight planning & program it into the GPS?

Only time I got to fly what I filed was going into BWI on a severe clear day!

Ground Tracks & Pics

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend trip to Palm Beach

I am pretty amazed at the canard aircraft! I flew non-stop from Monroe Louisiana to Palm Beach Florida! This is an O-320 E2D 150 HP Lycoming.

Averaging 7.1 gph & 150 KT over the ground in 5 hours 725.7NM! I had a safety stop planned just after the pan-handle of Florida, no need for that! I could have flown 6 hours at 11.5k with reserve! Please let me correct that, the plane could have flown 6 hours, 5 hours was at the limits of my bladder. I was not LOP, I wanted to keep my speed, but leaning at 11.5k puts your mixture lever close to idle cut off.

I took off at 5:00 am central, it was great! I could the the constillation Orion! The air for the entire trip was smooth! Great views! The Garmin 396 with XM weather is a great tool! Even better is that I have all the METARs & TAFs. I still love selecting the radio frequencies on the GPS for the SL-30 Nav/Com!

See the GPS tracks and pictures of the sun rise at 11.5k feet!

My hands and feet were getting pretty cold! I'll have to get on that cabin heat project!

I hope to see you all at Rough River!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Job! Returning to NY from Exile in Monroe, La.


As Rush Limbaugh says, "When there is a recession do not participate." Well I did not and I have been working a contract in Monroe, Louisiana. I have had a great time, working with great people at a great company! I'll miss the friendly nice people and relaxed life style and all my new friends! I have a job 15 minutes from home in NY.

Monroe is one of those places that the phrase "You can't get there from here" was invented for. It is costly, takes a long time, and inconvenient to get to. There are no direct flights from NY, it is typically more convenient to drive 100 miles East or West to another airport for better flights. It is actually quicker and only a little more expensive to get to with my plane. Also I get to come and go on my own schedule.

In NY I am spoiled by having SouthWest in my home town. If I can't fly direct out of Islip, I can get a direct flight from JFK, Laguardia or Newark.

While in Islip, cheaper faster to fly commercial. While in Monroe faster more convenient to fly private.

So I have many things to deal with, all good! I have a great room mate that is taking over the apartment and responsibilities that go along with it. I'll be flying the plane to NY on 9/11-9/12 and then flying SoutWest back 9/13 with a multi hour lay over in Orlando.

September 18th is my last day at the old job, and I will be packing my car and driving out that weekend, starting the new job 9/21.

My favorite canard event of the year Rough River is the following weekend. I hoped to make a long weekend of it, with the new job, I'll be getting there Saturday morning, leaving Sunday.

I'll be busy until October! :) More important, it is with good things!