Thursday, December 29, 2011

SVN "Working copy ZZZZZZZ locked Please execute "Cleanup" command"

The solution is to show hidden files and navigate to the .svn dir and delete the file named "locked"

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Roku, pogoplug, myMedia & android

OK, I just can't leave anything stock!

I got a Roku on Woot, my Minneapolis consultant crash pad does not have cable TV but comes with Internet access.

There is the ability to add a myMedia channel & you can put the myMedia server on a pogoplug! :)

note: I have only had success with the pogoplug version 1 (the white wall wart)

SSH into your pogoplug

on the pogoplug V1

ipkg update
ipkg install python27
ipkg install git
git clone git://

Navigate to the servers directory & start mymedia by typing:


Create directories for:
1) music
2) photo
3) video

With a terminal:

-or- with the mounted drive software:

On your browser:

replace the xxx with the pogoplug ip address

You should see the settings page:

Fill in the appropriate information for the directory paths

on another tab of the browser:

‪Add the channel to your Roku!‬

On the roku go to the channel store, navigate to mymedia

If it does not exist exit and try again, it may take time

When you successfully go to the site it will give you an access code to type into your myMediaserver

You should be up and running!

For bonus geek points, install the android app on your devices!

You need to have your wifi on & be on the same lan

I tried Roku Wi-Fi Remote

I had to go to settings & manually add the IP address. This is great for entering text!