Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I flew to work today :)

Last week I drove to Albany and back in the same day and worked eight hours. It took 4 hours to get there and three to get back!

Today I flew to Albany, I took two hours to get there and one hour to get back! :)

I flew in a Cessna 152, With the headwinds, it was only able to get 63 KTS over the ground on the way up. On the return trip it was doing 135 KTS over the ground.

It was a bumpy climb out of Islip, NY, it calmed down once above 3K FT

The early generation Garmin 300XL is not intuitive and I left my Garmin portable home. :(

I needed some information and wanted a better user interface! I pulled out my phone and started the Avilution App!

The app is great! It has all the navigation & communication frequencies, approach plates and nav information!

The return flight was fantastic! For a while I was VFR over the top of an overcast that was illuminated by the moon! Just really amazing!

I took a picture, but it was only black! :(

Here is the graphic of the return trip!