Monday, February 15, 2010

got data?


SL30 & Garmin 396 are talking to the Dynon EFIS!

I set up the serial port on the EFIS for input & the data format to AUTO, not NMEA, not SL30. When switching serial nav sources, it takes a few seconds, works great! :)

Installing Dynon D10a

The Garmin 396 drives the autopilot & sets the frequencies on the SL30 both NAV & COM.

Will the SL30 drive the G106a indicator & the Dynon HSI by the serial line?

What are the settings on the Dynon, SL30 & 396 to make everything work?

Thanks for any help!

Dynon tech support told me that the SL30 will drive the G106a & the Dynon through the serial port. :)

So far the Dynon did not appear to be getting data from either. I will check my connections. Hoping for no bug hunt.