Thursday, December 20, 2007

Cozy Oil Heat

I will be taking off the last week in January and the first week in December. I hope to get some work done on my house and heat installed in my airplane! The plane is a Cozy III Experimental. It is a three seat aircraft, basically a double wide Long-Ez.

I currently have no heat in the plane. :( Because the engine is in the back, it is tough heating the cockpit. Many people are heating the cockpit with engine oil. Nick Ugolini has posted a wealth of information on the topic. Waiter has a nice page on the topic. I will be using an electric pump to circulate the oil to the nose of the plane.

I have a automotive squirrel cage fan sourced from a Ford Festiva. I am trying to figure the best location for the blower and oil cooler. So far I think this is the best spot.

I plan on running the oil lines through the center heat duct of the plane, like this photo. Joe Hull is the originator of the idea of accessing the heat duct from the wheel well.