Monday, July 14, 2008

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Hi guys at the end of this month I will be going to Oshkosh, Wi for

I thought it would be cool if we all signed up for twitter to keep updating people on status.

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Weekend of flying

Hi Guys!

There have not been many flying reports, or What I did with my canard
this weekend...

Saturday at Brookhaven Four of us got together to fly to the NE
RV-Canard fly-in 2 RVs 2 Canards

We flew a loose group to LWM from HWV about 126 NM

We did the obligatory ogling of other aircraft, there was a
presentation of the flying car and canard cooling.

The other three aircraft in my group went to Nantucket, I stayed for the forums.

I then flew to WST for $5.10 / gal fuel :)

And then flew back to HWV a 30 minute trip.

Sunday I had my 11 year old Nephew, a really great kid!

We flew to Montauk from HWV 25 minutes. We did some steep turns and
some less than 1 g manuvers.

MTP is cool! At the appraoch end of 24 is a big dune an then the
beach. The beach is the North shore of the South fork of Long Island.
So no big waves and lots of small rocks.

That evening I learned that the spray on sunscreen was not evenly applied... :(

On the way back we did some knife edge turns and the famous floating
pen in the cockpit trick.

WARNING Carburetted engines need 1g to operate.

My nephew could not get enough of the floating pen trick. :)

Hope to see you all at OSH!