Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Your Own Personal Cloud

I have several terabytes of personal cloud storage. :)

You can try it yourself for free, & if five of you do, I get a free license for another computer. :)

You can even run Open Blue Dragon on the pogoplug V1 hardware ! :)
The magic was installing CacaoVm v0.99.4-1 for the JVM! :)

Click Here to try

Monday, May 7, 2012

The "Legacy Application!"

I'll need to confess that I hate the phrase "Legacy code" or "Legacy application." At one time it was new and the best thing the company had! :)

In the three years I have been doing the US consulting tour, read as away from my loving family, I have visited several different geographical locations and each one had a different framework... FuseBox 3, Model-Glue, FrameWork One & a custom, highly OO framework. The ultimate moment of pride on the custom OO framework was when it took 433 SQL calls to display a simple page. ;)

I am now at my first engagement where they do not use a framework! :-O
This code has been around since ColdFusion 4.5, there have been many hands in it, many different styles.
Some places there are self submitting forms, some places have action pages.
It has only a few CFC's, lots of custom tags & cfincludes

My goal is to solicit advice on how to best move forward.

A complete rewrite is not an option, it needs to be a change as you go process.