Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spammed by LinkedIn? We fix that NOW!

I am currently between contracts, so I worked on my LinkedIn Profile

It imported all my gmail contacts, good right? NFW!!!

No I am getting mad spam!

This is ruining my signal to noise ratio on my e-mail!

The answer I was hoping to opt out at the bottom of the e-mail. NO! :(

Opt out from their settings? Maybe not either!

I tried this: Here's How To Get Rid Of All Those Annoying Emails LinkedIn Sends You

I want some e-mails, but not to opt out of all of them, so lets DIY!

In the top right of your gmail page... settings

Select Filters

Create New

Add this search criteria: from:( See what has been up to

Select actions like move to trash

Click continue and you are done!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Looking for a South Florida data center for Co-Location

Hi Folks

I am looking for some recommendations on a South Florida (Palm Beach) Data Center for co-location

If you have any input please leave a comment or click call me.

Thanks in advance!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is an expensive Thunderbolt drive worth it?

Is an expensive Thunderbolt drive worth it?

Specifically the 1TB USB 3.0 & Thunderbolt interface Drive

What are the USB 3.0 Speed Numbers?

So the Thunderbolt speed must be amazing?

OMG! They are Identical!

So why would I pay 3x the cost of a USB 3.0 drive?

-OR- Even more than a 2TB USB 3.0 Drive?

I got the drive to store virtual machines on. Si I wanted it for:

Thunderbolt Speed
Gives me a free USB connector, since the MacBook Pro only has two & I have a mouse dongle in one.

How about I get this USB 3.0 Drive, whose style fits the Mac

-AND- I get this bluetooth mouse to keep a free USB port?

So, I spend a little less money, have twice the disk space, with the same styling & a cooler looking mouse!

Sounds like a win!

Here is a video with the testing details

Monday, March 11, 2013

i18n (internationalization) playing nice with different operating systems

Hi Guys,

I did a little tweak to get this code to work properly on any OS.

The main issue is the file separator.

This code detects the OS and returns the proper file separator:

The riaforge code for i18n did not play nice in the Linux & OS X world, I fixed that.

Here is a link for the code:

The sample page when run successfully looks like this:

Monday, March 4, 2013

ColdFusion Target?

CFML Target generator, enjoy!.

ColdFusion wrapper for Google Chart API to generate QR Codes

If you have a site that uses HTTPS, you will want all the images coming from you directly so you do not get the insecure content error.

You could take some code from Ben Nadel & make it detect if an image was received successfully