Friday, December 19, 2014

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

FUBAR Belkin!

I had no TV this weekend for 3 days, but that is OK Comcast will not credit me for the days of no service. IS there no SLA to the consumer?

Then late last night there was no wifi. I learned later that I was the victim of the lack of a Belkin hearbeat.

I know that when I call Xfinity customer service, I'll get someone that thinks TCP/IP is a veneral disease ( STD for you youngins )

After troubleshooting everything as a certified Solaris Sys & Network Admin can.

Reboot router.
Reboot modem.
Reboot router, then modem.
Factory reset router.
Reboot modem, then reboot router.
Repeat all of the above several times.
Grab MacBook, plug in USB ethernet dongle, connect directly to modem, reboot modem, turn off MacBook wifi.
Got connection... Share connectio, add wifi pw, test connection... unbelievable slow!

I called Comcast / Xfinity, though their automated system sent the modem a reset signal.

I called and tried to talk to customer service, agreed to answer a survey after the call, then was hung up on.

I called, the first 2 people I talked to did not know what DHCP was. I asked to talk to a higher level tech and got a lateral pass & had to go through identifying myself for the third time, because the automated system does not pass the info to the techs. The second tech double talked me. I asked her, do you know what DHCP is? It is a simple yes or no question, she finally answered no.

I was told that the Motorola Surfboard DOCSIS 2.0 was end of life, there are no more updates, it will start to work infrequently and I need to upgrade, and there is a speed increase. THE SPEEDS WERE IDENTICAL!

I bit the bullet, drive down to Xfinity, get this thing bigger than a VCR, when I ask if I am providing the neighborhood with WIFI, I got a bit of double talk & then was told yes.

I went online to, ordered a Motorola SBG6850, it is a modem / router combo. I am notified that my order is ready for pickup. I go to Wally World, I am in the back where the Site to Store pickup is. It says that I should push the touch screen card payment terminal for assistance. An employee leaves the lady room, I say hello, she looks at me like I Said something obscene and walks away silently. The next women passes by, I say hello, she looks at me oddly. I ask if a reply of hello costs too much. She said no. She then asked if anyone was helping me & said she would find someone to help me because she was not on the clock. A younger woman then passed, beat me to the punch, proactively asked if I had been helped yet & said she would find someone. She circled back and checked up on me. A young man from electronics came back, said he would help me, asked for ID. Of coarse, I replied that it was racist! He did not get it. After what I would have thought too long to be picking off the shelf a product with my name on it came back and asked if I wanted to return it here or up front. I said no, it is what I want...

I was able to set it up without calling Comcast. Although, the instructions said that the username is admin & password is password. I tried 3 times, it told me wrong username / password. I call the 800 number, go though the menu, I am told all circuits are busy! I go online, apparently the credentials are admin motorola!!!

The Motorola is dual band, but not at the same time! It does not have a guest wifi either. By now the Belkin is working, so I set it up on 2.4 GHZ only and turn the Motorola on with 5 GHZ.

I then ordered the Motorola Surfboard Extreme SBG6782-AC DOCSIS 3.0 from Newegg with ShopRunner 2 day shipping. It has simultaneous dual band & a guest network.

Next installment Thursday or Friday!

Speed on old Motorola Surfboard Modem:

Down 29.64Mb/s UP 6.03Mb/s

Speed on new Comcast modem:

Down 29.65Mb/s Up 6.08Mb/s

Speed on Walmart Motorola:

Down 29.41Mb/s UP 6.12Mb/s

PC World article on Belkin workaround

TechCrunch article

BTW, I have to buy or rent this new modem. And I am sure it uses more electric, so I am paying for other people ti use my wifi & power.

Friday, August 22, 2014

TinyCore Open CFML Distribution & Ohio Linux Fest

Ohio Linux Fest has accepted my talk on a completely open source distribution of the CFML engine and editing tools on October 25th. Guess where I will be spending my birthday? Ohio!

100 % Open Source ColdFusion

Here is the SourceForge project it is a 277 MB virtual machine.

It will run with any virtual machine software.

You can download virtualbox here

Prior Post on topic

The Most Interesting Developer In the World? ( For June only )

Unusually fun geek cred :)

For More Information

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The red headed step child effect

There is a problem when this URL does not mention ColdFusion but ever other product. :(

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Railux 4 (cfubuntu)

I first want to give credit to Ozzy at

He has publicly made available three linux distributions containing Railo the open source CFML engine.

CFML Virtual Machine Appliance has MySQL database and Ubuntu desktop. It has (almost) everything for CFML development, including;

Here are links to his prior works:

Railux 4 is a 3 GB virtual machine, his smallest version Railux 3.3 was 335MB

I have been working on an open source Railo distribution that includes the Bluefish editor based on Tiny Core Linux VM that starts out at 12MB. After adding the JVM and Railo it is about 250 MB, I hope to get it smaller.

The main reason I am posting this is I did not see any mentions of Railux at and I wanted to make sure that it was a resource that is available to the community.

I have submitted a talk to Ohio Linux Fest on the Tiny Core project & I will post updates to this page.

Here is the SourceForge project it is a 277 MB virtual machine.

It will run with any virtual machine software.

You can download virtualbox here

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Where is CFMyAdmin?

Is there a CF tool like PHPMyAdmin? One that will give you a UI to edit data? I have seen references to CFMyAdmin, but the site to get the code from is long gone. Illudium PU-36 Code Generator generates the CRUD, but is there a tool that lets you edit the data from a GUI ?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Little help with CFSelenium?

How do I pass "--disable-web-security" parameter to chrome?

Does anyone have a CFSelenium testing framework?

I have written a base class that I am extending and was hoping that there was something better out there.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Get this job now! I loved Monroe, La!

This is a Sr. Software Developer position within the Corporate Systems Organization.  The successful candidate will have 5+ years of Software Development experience, be a self started, work successfully with minimal supervision, have exceptional written and verbal communication skill, and have experience working with geographically distributed group.  The majority of the work will be maintaining / break-fix of Cold Fusion applications implementing FuseBox.  There will also be opportunities to execute on “quick hit” projects lasting 2 weeks to 3 months in duration in other technologies.
The successful candidate will operate in a high trust organization with a high degree of autonomy.  They will be expected to have a high level of virtual availability (E-mail, IM, txt, voice) and are measured on results.  They will also be required to maintain a light weight project tracking system and Remedy ticketing system as the main medium for communicating status as there will be little to zero project management support.  Adhoc, communication with management is very open and should flow in both directions.
 The daily tasks expected to be performed will include but is not limited to:
Facilitating requirement gathering directly with the business stakeholders.
Monitor and action on trouble tickets and project request.
Tracking and reporting project status and progress directly to the business and IT management.
Participating in design, coding, and testing where necessary. 
Organizing and scheduling intake request (enhancements and trouble tickets)
Help manage the application lifecycle of the groups portfolio of applications

This position requires the following skills:
Strong verbal and written communication skills.
Good business acumen
Basic understanding of Project Management / task creation; 
ColdFusion, Fusebox
Agile development methodologies

Desired skills for this position include one or more of the following:
Microsoft .NET, Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013
AJAX, HTLM 5, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS
MySQL 5.x, Oracle, MS SQL Express 2012 , PL/SQL

Colby McEldowney
Senior Technical Recruiter
Information Technology
Tech USA 
Office:         720-542-7803
Cell:             727-409-0713