Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lucee Bitnami VM

Hi Folks get your unofficial Bitnami Lucee VM!

* Special note to Scott Stroz: None of this is original art, everything has been copied from smarter people than me!

In short, I wanted to take Lucee for a test drive, figured I'd see how quickly I could get it up and running, short answer QUICK!

As stated in the Lucee docs, you can easily swap out the jar files and be running Lucee in no time.

Feel free to pull down a copy here

Special thanks to the Bitnami & Lucee folks for making everything so easy!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Create image in CF & write to browser without saving to file ( AJAX POC )

Here is the cool thing! You can copy the code and paste it into and run it!

This is a Proof Of Concept that an AJAX call from a page can create an image in a ColdFusion component, convert the image to base64 send it back to the calling page as JSON data and render the image from the base64 data.

UPDATE! This works in my code. I hope to be submitting more code in the next week.