Monday, June 24, 2013

The Saga of CF SAML a mini series

This is from the LinkedIn group "ColdFusion - 5000+ Members!"

The question of a SAML solution was posted.

I have worked on some CF SAML implementations post development, had a project that required it then terminated before the SAML was coded.

I was going to wrap with ColdFusion.

Ilia Ametov commented that you could use

Anthony Israel-Davis posted a link to this code in GitHub

Jim Harris has hope for all of us! I am hoping for a good CF solution!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Extending WiFi Part Two

Here is what my USB used to look like.

We had heavy rain on Friday from a tropical storm

I was afraid the water was inside the bag, along with the ear wig

I lucked out, the moisture was only on the outside of the bag.

Here is the antenna & 32 foot USB cable end

I am going to put it into this Gladware conatainer

So lets put a flap door in the side of the container

Lets mark the width

Lets mark the depth

Now cut on 3 sides of the box drawn

Put it all together

* Tape the inside and outside of the cuts, electrical tape for the real professionals out there, you could also use silicone cauking.

Place it in the tree with bunji

Check the signal

Check the speed

UPDATE! This has been successfully working for five months now!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Extending WiFi Part One

Having a WiFi Router in one building & needing WiFi in another building, what solutions are available?

This and other devices with built in antennas were working, but slow. :(

I tried adding the Yagi to the USB WiFi adapter with no success. :(

Do I need a new WiFi adapter to work with the Yagi?

What about a DD-WRT repeater?

Will a 32 foot USB extension cable work?

Well yes, the 32 foot USB cable and the WiFi adapter, wrapped in a ZipLoc bag stuck on a tree is a winner!

I have not tried the DD-WRT with the Yagi, because of different sized connectors. :(

The DD-WRT boosts the signal, but it does nto have the speed of the adapter on a 32 foot cable close to the house.

I had a small hurdle getting the DD-WRT working as a repeater. I'll add that information after I get the screen shots done.

If you are setting up your DD-WRT as an access point or a repeater, you need to put the password in the correct spot, please se the image for that information.