Friday, January 28, 2011

ColdFusion 8 Model-Glue AJAX & UTF-8 Bug

I am working on a UTF-8 bug in an environment that includes:

ColdFusion 8

Entries with UTF-8 are getting into the db but you can not successfully search for them.


I started with trying to apply the solutions from this site:

Two days of UTF-8 happiness

No success.

Is it CF? No.

Is it that eclipse is not saving the templates in UTF-8 ? No.

Is it the Model-Glue framework? No.

Is it the DB? No.

Can I write simple test pages to pass Spanish punctuated characters? Yes.

Can I extend the above to search the DB and get matching results? Yes.

The problem is that JSON does not handle UTF-8 properly.

So I made a hidden field, on change bas64 encoded it with a JavaScript from Javascript base64

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