Monday, May 7, 2012

The "Legacy Application!"

I'll need to confess that I hate the phrase "Legacy code" or "Legacy application." At one time it was new and the best thing the company had! :)

In the three years I have been doing the US consulting tour, read as away from my loving family, I have visited several different geographical locations and each one had a different framework... FuseBox 3, Model-Glue, FrameWork One & a custom, highly OO framework. The ultimate moment of pride on the custom OO framework was when it took 433 SQL calls to display a simple page. ;)

I am now at my first engagement where they do not use a framework! :-O
This code has been around since ColdFusion 4.5, there have been many hands in it, many different styles.
Some places there are self submitting forms, some places have action pages.
It has only a few CFC's, lots of custom tags & cfincludes

My goal is to solicit advice on how to best move forward.

A complete rewrite is not an option, it needs to be a change as you go process.


IzzyOreo said...
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Dano said...

This sounds a lot like my old job in Alexandria Virginia. We tried to get some sort of upgrades put in but the manager did not see why moving queries to cfc's was a benefit, and he did not see how combining all the same type of queries was a good idea. My thought would be to first try to get all the queries out of the inline pages, and into cfc's. Then find all the duplicates and remove them and have the similar queries be the same functions, just pass in parameters. I'd hope this would clean up the code and make it more reusable.
From here, it might then be easier to see what you have and how you can proceed from there.
This was just from my experience, it was not effective, but the concept was there.

Rich said...

Thanks! Does anyone have ideas on a light weight framework that will play nicely with the legacy code and how to best do it?

Zack Pitts said...

I've been working on a lightweight framework on and off for a couple years that's finally near beta. It's based on concepts that I like in Mach-II but without all the extra bells and whistles -- and no XML config. It could use some fresh eyes.

Rich said...

Hi Zack, can yo give me more details?

Zack Pitts said...

Rich, send me an email to folkstring @ hotmail and I'll get you some code. Thanks