Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Product Review: FLIMSY Plano Gun Guard SE Scoped Rifle Case

I was flying SouthWest & you get to check two bags for free! I figured I would bring my riffle back to NY with me from Florida. To do this, you need an airline approved case. Yes, I bought the cheapest case I could that was airline approved.

The reviews were good, not glowing, with a four out of five star review. I figured that I would go for it.

The reason I am writing this review is so that people honestly know what they are buying. Overstock, has not posted my review. I wonder why?

This thing is FLIMSY! It is as thick and sturdy as a plastic gas can. The foam falls out of the top when you open it. The case could be cut through with a standard kitchen scissor.

The case has places for locks at each of the four corners & one at the handle. The case bows and flexes enough that you could reach into it. Target has a set of four keyed alike locks, Home Depot & Walmart do not. I have zippy tied the middle of the case and around the handle to make it more secure. I have a Ruger Mini-14 with an ATI tactical stock in the case, this should not cause a fit issue.

Being new to guns, I only learned recently what in practical terms the definition of an assault riffle is. "It looks scary." Here is the same riffle with a wood stock. Does it give you a warm fuzzy feeling? It can inflict exactly the same damage as the one pictured above.


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