Wednesday, January 30, 2013

$99 Chrome Box?

Is a Chrome Box enough?

Do we really need a fully blown computer?

Do we really need hard drivers & DVD/Blue Ray burners?

Is a Chrome Box enough?

I have a tablet, I use it on vacation/travel. For the most part it stays in my travel backpack. It's intended use was for a charting solution while flying. Avilution has a cool Android charting solution. They are continually updating it with new features.

I have a MSI Wind Netbook. It's purpose was to be a hackintosh. I needed to do code deployment after hours. I did not like carrying my heavy MacBook Pro back & forth to NYC on the LIRR & Subway. I used it the first year I was on the road consulting. With 2 gigs of ram I ran a VM with eclipse IIS & ColdFusion. I have built the Quad Core Hackintosh from LifeHacker. I have not seen the netbok in some time, the 9 cell battery died...

I did a side job & part of my compensation was a MacBook Pro. I have not seen my Quad Core in some time now.

I got a Retna MacBook Pro, gave my old one to my daughter. It is all solid state, no DVDR :(

My wife has a transformer with a keyboard, for the total cost, she could have had a laptop, maybe a hackintosh.

The Chrome Box is cool, I could use it for Netflix, but my Blue Ray does that, which replaced a Roku.

The Chrome Box as a set top box is a cool device, if you have a remote keybard with a trac pad, it could be a great TV/Computer device.

I am a lover of tech, but do not have a need for the Chrome Box. :(

But it might be right for you! :)

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