Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Looking for a South Florida data center for Co-Location

Hi Folks

I am looking for some recommendations on a South Florida (Palm Beach) Data Center for co-location

If you have any input please leave a comment or click call me.

Thanks in advance!


James Reynolds said...

Implementing modern technology and practices are almost essential in order to be successful. With cloud based information systems gaining popularity it's important to integrate data center management. I live in South Florida, I'll see if i can get any information for you.

Jason shwartz said...

It really is interesting to think about the different kind of things that are able to happen with these collocation services. Something that really is interesting is that there are some things that can make a difference on the overall level of information that can be stored on a daily basis. Being able to have a physical server seems like something that would be interesting. Thank you for sharing. http://colocationnorthwest.com/seattle