Monday, April 1, 2013

Odd behavior with structFindValue() with JSON

The JSON value of true displays as YES

Line 13 & 14 should work correctly right?;
 variables.miner.livedog = structFindValue(,, "all");

Line 12 works correctly and finds the value in the struct:

variables.miner.liveWorker = structFindValue(data.workers, true, "all");

Adam Cameron says as I paraphrase, "Clear as mud!"

Here is his code:


Adam Cameron said...

It took me a while to distill your code down to something I could understand (the variable names & extraneous code really didn't help), but would this version more clearly demonstrate what you're talking about?

I'm seeing that I can pull a value out out of the struct, and then look for it in the struct and not find it. That's it, yeah?

Railo & OpenBD work properly here, it's just CF that doesn't.


Rich said...

Adam, thanks for the comment, I included your gist.