Friday, April 1, 2016

CF & the need to parse street addresses equals CF & Java & Python

This is a POC / WIP. I have been looking for a CF or Java solution to parse addresses.
What I have found so far that works best is a Python library.

The good thing is I came across a blog post by Mark Mandel RUNNING PYTHON ON COLDFUSION there is Jthon that allows you to run Python from Java & we all know you can run Java from CF.

The Python code I want to run is here

There is a nice web based example of it here


  • Is there a PURE CF solution?
  • Is there a better Java solution?
  • Will this CF/Java/Python thing run like a slug?
  • Is there anything I missed?


James Moberg said...

I posted two (2) Java solutions to your similar question posted on StackOverflow. (Feel free to discuss further there as I don't think you've responded to anyone yet.)

I've asked for an eval version of the Java version available here:

It looks like it has more options that the Python library. They have a web-based demo too:

Rich said...

Thanks James! I did not get notice from Stack Overflow. :(

Rich said...

I tested out JGeocode, it does not work as good as example: It is python, I can either call it from Jython or write it as a service.

Thanks for the help!

James Moberg said...

Other java & COM solutions I've found are cost prohibitive. The companies don't post any licensing rates and require to know what you are using it for so they can potentially charge you more. I'm also interested in the Python usaddress solution. Please let me know what you find. (I'm using Windows 64 bit and have had a difficult time following the generic instructions to get it up and running.)

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