Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weekend trip to Palm Beach

I am pretty amazed at the canard aircraft! I flew non-stop from Monroe Louisiana to Palm Beach Florida! This is an O-320 E2D 150 HP Lycoming.

Averaging 7.1 gph & 150 KT over the ground in 5 hours 725.7NM! I had a safety stop planned just after the pan-handle of Florida, no need for that! I could have flown 6 hours at 11.5k with reserve! Please let me correct that, the plane could have flown 6 hours, 5 hours was at the limits of my bladder. I was not LOP, I wanted to keep my speed, but leaning at 11.5k puts your mixture lever close to idle cut off.

I took off at 5:00 am central, it was great! I could the the constillation Orion! The air for the entire trip was smooth! Great views! The Garmin 396 with XM weather is a great tool! Even better is that I have all the METARs & TAFs. I still love selecting the radio frequencies on the GPS for the SL-30 Nav/Com!

See the GPS tracks and pictures of the sun rise at 11.5k feet!

My hands and feet were getting pretty cold! I'll have to get on that cabin heat project!

I hope to see you all at Rough River!


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Bill said...

Sounds like a great Ez trip Rich!

See you at RRiver!

Bill Allen