Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can I get the Media MVP to boot from my pogoplug?

Being a "Computer Science" major I have often wondered what a "Mad Computer Scientist" was?

My definition is someone who takes the "Six Million Dollar Man" attitude towards computer hardware.

We can make it better than it was before. Better, stronger, faster...

Some how unplanned by me, I have had busybox linux devices invading my life.

-MyBook World


-Belkin F5D7230 (Now my wireless bridge with DD-WRT firmware)

-IP Power?? It has a web server interface and allows you to turn on and off AC devices, like power cycling servers.

-Motorola Droid

The first one I hacked was the Western Digital MyBook World Edition

Why hack the MyBook?

-Lighttpd webserver


-Transmission bittorrent client

-etc... There is much more I am forgetting or intentionally not sharing for personal security. I could SSH into it now, it is in my house in NY and do a PS to see everything running. Good thing, because in the last 12 months I have only made brief guest appearances there, none longer than 24 hours.

Of all my hacked devices the WorldBook has been the fire and forget missile, it just runs! Zero admin & maintenance.

Random thought, what OS does the Creative Zen Vision run?


Can I use the pogoplug to boot the Media MVP?


Eliminate the need for a computer to be on all the time? You could say I am being green, I prefer fiscally conservative.


Research these links:








OK so that is my current status on this project.

Of coarse when I get my airplane moved here, I'll get back to airplane hacking and stop computer hacking...

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