Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Horrible service from Sears Repair Service

Saturday October 12th we had an appointment with Sears Service for between 1:00pm - 5:00 PM

Every single time I spoke to them on the phone, they could not find my record. I had a service order number and they could not look up the record based on that. They barely spoke English.

I called and asked for an update, they said they would page the service person and he would call me. It did not happen.

I asked them to put my cell phone number on the account. It did not happen.

On two separate calls I asked to speak to a manager, I was put on hold and then hung up on.

One time I had to repeatedly asked to be connected to a supervisor and I was just ignored and talked over.

They came 45 minutes after the window closed. They took one look at the vertical stack washer dryer combo & left saying they needed a second man to move it.

I got home five minutes later, called the service to have the repairman to return. I moved the unit myself.

I was told they will page the repair man and call me back letting me know the result. There was no return call.

Today, Wednesday October 16th, the repair man called, my wife explained that they needed two people, he had no knowledge of the situation.

When the two repair men came, they did not have the hose. They were going to duct tape the broken hose and put the unit back.

I went online to entered an online chat at noon, asked to get a call from a supervisor.

I did get a call, he was not a client advocate, he promised to call be at 2:00 pm with status. There was no call.

I tweeted @SEARS & @Searscares

I sent them a PM with my contact information and I am now waiting.

I spoke to a really nice rep, that understands customer TLC.

Unfortunately it took my wife calling 3 times and me posting again on Twitter to get a response from her.

She was able to arrange for the service techs to be there first thing Saturday morning to take care of the issue.

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Fifty OneFifty said...

Change your name to 'Martha Stewart' and see how fast they respond. And I hate your Captcha. Plus a sign in/ Really, Rich?